Freedom is the second course in the School’s ‘Aim of Philosophy’ program. The second year of courses in the School of Practical Philosophy are Presence of Mind, Freedom and The Way of Action.

Without awareness in and of the present moment, it’s impossible to see the way forward. We cannot act freely, so we react with knowledge from the past or desire for the future. Either way, we are simply recycling experience. The thing is to be, here and now, instead of constantly becoming something other than what we are.

Only the individual can desire, only the individual can labour, only the individual can know, and only the individual can choose. The Aim of Philosophy aims at awakening the individual’s ability to transform their world by enacting their sovereign freedom in the present moment.


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Week starting Monday 23 May
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Tuesday: 6:30pm CBD – Online
Wednesday: 9:30am Wahroonga – Face to Face

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