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A Day with Plato

The study for the day will be Plato’s dialogue entitled, Alcibiades I.

Alcibiades has just come of age and is about to seek high political office.  He is handsome, athletic, graceful, from a leading family of Athens, with everything going for him including seemingly limitless energy and ambition.

Socrates has been watching Alcibiades for some time and recognizes his exceptional talent and potential.  But wonders how will all this talent and potential be used; for good or otherwise?

Just as Alcibiades is about to make his maiden speech in the Athenian Assembly and seek the highest office, Socrates interrupts him and Socrates and Alcibiades have an important conversation.

As the conversation unfolds, the true meaning of Know Thyself  is explored.

Join us for this exploration.

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Sunday 14 March: 9:00am to 3:00pm

This is an online event, all texts will be provided.

The organiser William Fox will contact you via email about the online format and setup.