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Study of the Kena Upaṇiṣad

You’re warmly invited to join us for a morning of chanting, sanskrit and experiencing the power of sound.

Stream 2. For those who have some experience with Sanskrit:
For those with a little more knowledge of Sanskrit, the second group will commence this term the study of the Kena Upaniṣad.

The eye does not reach there, nor speech, nor mind, nor do we know   (Its nature).
Therefore we do not know how to impart instruction (about It).

So continues the timeless dialogue between student and teacher known as the Kena Upaniṣad. This term we will
continue our study with verses 3 and 4 of this great spiritual work, one of the most important in Sanskrit literature. Enthusiasm and attention are all that are required for the session, which will include an introduction to the Kena, traditional chanting, guided study of the verses, and quiet reflection.

Study sheets and zoom links will be provided via email, so please enrol early.


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Saturday 25th June

Stream 2: 9am -12:00pm


Where: Online via Zoom

Study sheets and ZOOM links will be provided via email, so please enrol by Thursday 23 June.