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Teacher’s Day 2022

Since 2004, Mahārāja Śrī Vāsudevānanda Sarasvatī Teacher’s Day messages emphasise the importance of the relationship between student and Teacher.

“In order to rid oneself of the ego, an individual must take refuge at the feet of the Gurudev (Teacher).  On the auspicious occasion of the Guru Pūrnima (Teacher’s Day), all are encouraged to rid themselves of ego and dedicate their lives to the beauty of Advaita (non-duality) and to pay homage to Gurudev.” ~ 2020

On Wednesday 13th July, Teacher’s Day, we welcome all meditating students to the School’s property Mahratta to come and give thanks to the Teacher and the ancient tradition of the line of Teachers.

We will meditate, hear some Sanskrit recitation, and words from the 2022 Teacher’s Day booklet and in this way give thanks for the blessings and gifts that have been showered upon us.

Please care for our fellow philosophers by doing a rapid antigen test before attending the Teacher’s Day celebration, and not attending if you are positive or have any symptoms of cold or flu.


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Who is invited:  
Students who have received the meditation practice from the School of Practical Philosophy.

What to bring:
You are invited to bring a few flowers from your garden as an offering.
There will be a basket of flowers at the venue if you are unable to bring something.

Wednesday 13th July.

6.15-7.30am followed by light refreshments.

Mahratta, 25 Fox Valley Rd, Warrawee.
Please enter via the stairs on the left of the building and in honour of the occasion we will remove shoes before entering, if you are able.


For organisational purposes please register to attend.