The Absolute

The word ‘absolute’ is from the Latin word soluere which means ‘to loosen’. It gives us the words ‘absolve’ and ‘absolution’. When things are ‘absolved’ or receive ‘absolution’, they are set free. This is why the word ‘absolute’ has come to mean unlimited, infinite, and complete. Combining these two meanings, the word ‘absolute’ signifies that which is unlimited, infinite and complete and that which brings freedom.

‘Absolute existence’ is that level of existence which makes individual existence possible. Each individual comes into existence for a time and then goes out of existence, just as a flower or anything else comes into existence for a time and then goes out of existence. Everything exists in absolute existence.

In all philosophies, the nature of the absolute is taken as indescribable, but there are ways of approaching it which make it available to individual experience. In order to make it accessible, Advaita philosophy describes it as having the three aspects of truth, consciousness and bliss. This course uses the teachings of Advaita philosophy to explore the nature of the absolute.

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