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‘Sattwa’ is one of the fundamental forces or energies running through everything. Sattva is the force which illuminates things and lights them up. It conducts consciousness. In the light of sattwa knowledge shines.

The program includes an introductory presentation, practical exercises and small-group feedback and study sessions. The exercises are illuminating, and the material presented for study is inspiring.

This is an opportunity to spend a Sunday morning at the School’s magnificent art-deco property in Wahroonga discovering more about the transformative power of practical philosophy.

This morning workshop is for anyone currently enrolled in The Wisdom Within. Morning tea is provided.

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  • Total Fees: $0.00

Date: Sunday 1 August

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Where: Mahratta, 25 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga

Cost: FREE