The Way of Action

The final course in this second year ‘Aim of Philosophy’ program is Way of Action. The way of action is said to be one way in which the individual may experience and become universal. We tend to spend all day long engaged in action. But what does philosophy say as to how this can take place in a way that is not binding but liberating?

The course addresses these questions:

  • How can we act without any pressure from within or without?
  • What blocks or hinders action?
  • What is the effect when we properly attend to anyone or anything?
  • Is there a way of acting with complete freedom?
  • What creates, sustains and completes an action?
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Available Times –
Week starting Monday 31 January 2022
All times indicated are AEDT

Wednesday: 10:00am Kangaroo Valley – Face to Face

Please register at least one week prior to the beginning of term on Monday 31 January 2022. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.