TERM 1 2019

Term 1 begins the week of 4th February 2019. The School operates over a 12 week term with a mid-term break at week 7.
Courses consist of 11 sessions of 2.5hrs each.


Mindful Wisdom:
Tues 7pm

Year 1: Course 1 The Mindful Wisdom introductory course will teach you how to apply mindfulness to every moment. A course which helps you to become more mindful, more connected and more alive.


Sustainable Happiness: Tues 7pm

Year 1: Course 2 After completing the Mindful Wisdom course, the next course is Sustainable Happiness. The course focuses the perennial need to find happiness through all of life’s changing circumstances.

Fullness of Love:
Tues 7pm

Year 1: Course 3: The Fullness of Love is the third course in the School’s 'Heart of Philosophy' program. It follows naturally from the Mindful Wisdom and Sustainable Happiness courses.

YEAR 2 & 3 – MANLY

Way of Action:
Tues 7pm

Year 2: Course 6 The final course in this second year ‘Aim of Philosophy’ program is Way of Action. We tend to spend all day long engaged in action. But what does philosophy say as to how this can take place in a way that is not binding but liberating?

Freedom: Tues 7pm

Year 2: Course 5 The Aim of Philosophy aims at awakening the individual’s ability to transform their world by enacting their sovereign freedom in the present moment.


M Level: Tues 7pm

Sessions are of 2 ½ hours each and include a break for refreshment.