Canberra Talks – Threads of Consciouness



Sunday 25th MARCH 2018

The desire for freedom, happiness and fullness of life is like a thread running through humanity’s best pursuits. Since the beginning, the School has sought out this thread across various fields of study, including philosophy, economics and language (especially the study of Sanskrit). These talks are aimed to be educational, uplifting and practical.


Freedom ~ An Inner Directed Life – Malcolm Lennox

Humans experience their essence as an inner direction expressing Freedom, Knowledge, Beauty, Justice, Truth, Love – the Absolute Realm – which manifests as a desire for Truth. From this starting point this talk looks at:

  • humankind and how individuals react with state or leadreship
  • the tendency of states to end up treating citizens as property ~ 3rd Century Rome being the model
  • how Britain and hence, in Australia, the Citizens worked out a relationship (the Rule of Law) whereby the citizen was free to act unless specifically prohibited by law and the state was bound by law

The Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution bought on an alternative stance, based on rights and an evolutionary view of history. Rather contrary to its intent, this has led a very prescriptive philosophy which binds its adherents to a separate and antagonistic existence where the only opinion that can be countenanced is their own.

The only remedy is an inner-directed life and that leads to freedom.


Truth & Language 

Speaking the truth ~ a radical concept? – Naomi Smith
We often hear that we are living in a ‘post-truth’
• What does it mean to speak the truth?
• Is it possible in this day and age?
• And does it matter?
In this session we will look at speaking the truth
from a number of different perspectives and
discuss whether the idea has any relevance to our
own lives.


Sanskrit ~ ‘a medium for spiritual knowledge’. – Catherine Lennox
• What are the particular features of Sanskrit
which deepen our ability to speak the truth?
• How does the study of this language support
philosophical enquiry?
The talk will explore the practical ways in which the
very sound, structure and vocabulary of Sanskrit assist
on the journey of self-discovery.


About Malcom

Malcolm Lennox is a geologist by profession having spent nearly 50 years in the Resources Industry. He has been a student in the School since 1974 and has a range of interests, particularly in the ways in which the Absolute
manifests itself.

About Naomi

Naomi Smith is a senior student in the School of Practical Philosophy and currently a tutor of Sanskrit. Her particular interests are language, communication and education.


About Catherine

Catherine Lennox was a language teacher for many years in both the Secondary and Tertiary Education Sector. A life-long interest in languages ultimately led her to the study of Sanskrit. She has tutored both Sanskrit and Philosophy in the School.