Study Days compliment the Practical Philosophy courses.

Every term the School provides the opportunity for students in Part 1 to 15 to meet for either a half day (parts 1 to 3)  or a full day (parts 4 to 15) on a weekend. These are held on a regular basis each term as an opportunity to engage in practical exercises, study sessions and small feedback groups.



This half-day workshop runs from 8:45am to 12:15pm and is for anyone currently enrolled in Mindful Wisdom or Fullness of Love or Sustainable Happiness. Morning tea is provided.

‘Sattva’ is one of the fundamental forces or energies running through everything. Sattva is the force which illuminates things and lights them up. It conducts consciousness. In the light of sattva knowledge shines.


  • To learn how energy works, how it changes and how it’s balanced;
  • To practice conscious awareness in action;
  • To find the natural rhythm in activities;
  • To discover what it’s like to go with the flow


Each of the three days explores sattva in different ways. There are different materials but the program remains the same on each of the three days: an introductory presentation, practical exercises and small-group feedback and study sessions. The exercises are always illuminating and the material presented for study is always inspiring.



This full day workshop runs from 09:00am  to 04:00pm and is for anyone currently enrolled in Parts 4 to 15, Presence of Mind of Three Lines of Work. Lunch is provided.


The day works like a retreat as well a workshop in practical philosophy.

  • extended awareness exercises
  • structured exercises in mindful dialogue
  • practice forums for conscious action
  • an introduction to some of the great works of the Eastern and Western canons


It gives you the chance to take a strategic retreat from the pressures of life, get some rest and regroup for your next move forward. You get a real taste of the energy and freedom that comes from working together, practicing philosophy as a way of life.

“The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a
wandering attention over and over again is the
very root of judgment, character, and will.”
William James, Principles of Psychology, 1890

Becoming a student at the School of Practical Philosophy offers rich experience not only in knowledge but atmosphere as well.


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