The School is legally constituted as the School of Practical Philosophy Incorporated.

An association incorporated under the Incorporations Act 2009, initial incorporation first took place in 1990 under the previous legislation.


The School is registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission) and has concessionary tax status as well as a tax deductible building fund.


The governing body of the association is the Committee of Management comprising a Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer as well as three ordinary members. The association holds the assets of the School and conducts the regulatory business of the School.


Members of the association are comprised of long-term students of the School who have demonstrated a willingness to assist in the management and governance of the School who are appointed through a nomination and acceptance, if appropriate, process. It is from the ordinary members that the Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the association.




Ron Proft ~ Chairman

Ronald is the managing director of New Frontier Creative Services (an advertising and marketing services consultancy) and the managing editor of publishing firm, Delphian Books. Ronald was the co-ordinator of the School’s introductory courses for over 15 years spending much of that period tutoring philosophy courses. Ronald also served as a member and chairman of John Colet School’s Board of Governors. His interests include classical literature and politics. He became a member of the Association in 1997 and was elected to the Committee in 2013.

Chin Wong ~ General Secretary

Chin Wong was an executive level officer with the Commonwealth Government, Finance. Her work covered taxation law, large businesses and international investment banking and compliance. Chin also has a degree in Commerce.  She first started attending philosophy classes in the School in 1996. Chin has assisted in tutoring in the middle school and has recently moved to tutoring in the introductory courses. She is also a member of the Sanskrit faculty which has published selected works of Adi Shañkara. She was involved in the most recent translation in 2017. Chin’s outside interests include growing and promoting orchids. She is the Treasurer of the Orchid Society of NSW Inc and the Eastern Suburbs Orchid Society.  Chin was co-opted as a ordinary member and subsequently elected General Secretary in 2014.

Denise Farrelly ~ Treasurer

Denise Farrelly is currently an Assistant Bursar for an independent school. Before raising a family she worked for a chartered accounting firm, investment banks in Australia and overseas as well as with government law enforcement agencies. Denise has a Bachelor of Economics degree with a major in Accounting. She has tutored Family Study groups and has assisted in Philosophy groups within the School of Practical Philosophy sporadically over the last twenty years.. She has a great love for the arts and enjoys spending time with her family, keeping fit, cooking and bush walking. Denise became a member of the Association and was elected as the Treasurer in 2013.

Glenn Miller ~ Ordinary Member

Glenn Miller is one of the founding partners and Managing Director of Clear Sales Australia a leading Pharmaceutical Brokering Company now in their 24th year. Glenn has been attending the School of Philosophy since 1975 and plays an active role in tutoring introductory groups. Glenn is also the Events Manager at Mahratta. He became a member of the Association and was subsequently elected to the Committee in 2013.

Robert Wulff ~ Ordinary Member

Robert Wulff is a principal of national IP firm Griffith Hack and is a registered patent and trade mark attorney with a varied practice covering protection, commercialisation and litigation support in the areas of patents and designs. Robert also has degrees in Science and Engineering. With his experience as a patent attorney, Robert has chaired a number of start-up technology companies. He first started attending philosophy classes in the School in 1984. Robert has tutored in the introductory courses within the School since 1989. He became a member of the Association in 2010 and was elected to the Committee in 2013.

John Fisher ~ Ordinary Member

John is a practising lawyer and Notary Public. After being a partner in a large suburban law firm for thirty-four years, he is now principal of his own sole practice. He has been a past Secretary and Chair Person of the Committee and has been a member of the Association and has served on the Committee since 1990. He began philosophy classes in 1979 and tutored groups in the early parts of the School from 1984 until 1997 when he took on a role directly concerned with meditation, in which he is still engaged. Also for many years he was the tutor of a law group within the School and has a great interest in legal and medical ethics. He has been a voluntary member of the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Westmead hospital since 2003. He also enjoys the occasional round of golf.

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