Term 2

Plotinus is the greatest and most famous of the Neoplatonic philosophers.  Born in Egypt and educated in Alexandria, Plotinus moved to Rome where a circle of dedicated students formed around him and persuaded him to write.

Plato’s Parmenides
Term 2

Socrates is presented as a young man, below the age of 20, keen on Philosophy, bold, yet untrained.  He puts forward “The Theory of Forms”, but when he is pressed by Parmenides, he is at a loss to defend his position.

The Study of Plato
Term 2

This term we will be studying Plato's Euthyphro. The dialogue explores what Piety is and what is its relationship to Justice. There are two options, starting Wednesday 25 May or Friday 27 May.

Plato’s Laws
Term 2 2022

The Laws are Plato’s final work, rarely read, but providing clarity and insight into the principles that govern societies, offering a path to happiness, freedom and prosperity, individually and collectively.


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