Term 1

Plotinus is the greatest and most famous of the Neoplatonic philosophers.  Born in Egypt and educated in Alexandria, Plotinus moved to Rome where a circle of dedicated students formed around him and persuaded him to write.

Plato’s Parmenides
Term 1

Socrates is presented as a young man, below the age of 20, keen on Philosophy, bold, yet untrained.  He puts forward “The Theory of Forms”, but when he is pressed by Parmenides, he is at a loss to defend his position.

The Study of Plato
Term 1

The Study of Plato classes will looking at Phaedrus. This Dialogue is an extraordinary examination of Divine Love in human souls. There are two options, starting Wednesday 2 February or Friday 4 February.

Plato’s Laws
Term 1

The Laws are Plato’s final work, rarely read, but providing clarity and insight into the principles that govern societies, offering a path to happiness, freedom and prosperity, individually and collectively. Meditating students only.