Philosophy Courses



Every course offered in the School is a stand-alone course with its own theme, its own focus and its own transformative practices.

They work together, with each course building on previous courses to open up the diverse field of human nature and the world we live in.

The courses will help you realise the full potential of yourself, help you to understand the world around you and to teach you ways of living more fully, truly and happily.


The approach is practical rather than academic. There are no exams to pass. No sitting at desks. The course does not offer certificates or diplomas, but something much more important – a living philosophy that is of real value in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and developing one’s own potential as fully as possible.

The only requirements are an interest in the subject, an open mind and a willingness to put into practice what is taught each week.


The School has developed a sequence of fifteen courses over five years.

The courses are grouped in sets of three and designed to be completed in sequence after completing the Introductory Course - click below to find out more: