You know the movie ``The Matrix``? Well, it's like going to sleep as Mr. Anderson, and then waking up as Neo.

This is without a doubt the most fulfilling undertaking I have committed to for many years. Completely in line with my intended view of becoming a better person. Thank you.

If you only do one course in your life, this is it!

The course opened my eyes to a completely different way of thinking and approaching life. I learnt life lessons.

I joined to regain what we used to be in the olden days. To remind us to have a warm heart and wise head.

The school draws on content from diverse sources and presents it in a cohesive structure to support a given theory that is for the benefit of all. In drawing on such diverse content sources the theory presented is given more weight and feels more inclusive.

The course has assisted me to have a better quality of life which affects everyone I come in contact with in life.

Thank you, as it has enhanced my life!

I want to know who I am, how things are and why the world is the way it is. To allow myself to open my mind to more ideas.

The generosity of volunteers and the school is out of the ordinary.

This course is the best thing I have done for myself in years. I absolutely love the knowledge and the peace of mind I have gained. I can't express how much it is worth doing. Everyone should do this course.

It is not religious based, pushy or judgemental. Has helped me enormously in changing my mindset.

After spending my 20s and 30s head down and focused on building a career, starting a family and acquiring the wealth to support it, I came up for air. The school enabled me to reconnect to the inner path and bring some balance into my being.

I would highly recommend the School – If you want something that works, this is it….

The evening sandwich taste wonderful probably because they are made mindfully.

A very interesting and worthwhile approach to philosophy. Requires openness, the ability to listen and willingness to share personal experiences to get the most out of it.

Thoroughly enjoying the life changing experience. Thanks so much.

Thank you to the volunteers who give their time and love to the school and the students.

The School helps me retain balance and perspective in my life while enriching it with new ideas and spirituality through meditation.

This course of study has been more than I had anticipated.

Great teachers, great material, inspiring and very useful to understand about yourself and how to become happier.

I just love that I have this group of like minded people in my life.

A friend told me how good it was. I wanted to learn how to mediate and to think more about my values and spirituality.

Its amazing. I enjoyed every minute there.

Its amazing what the people from the School do. The time they put in is amazing. Well done everyone!!!

The School is a wonderful organisation and I am grateful to all who volunteer. You're doing a great job!

Very worthwhile, well written and presented by sensitive, engaging tutor and assistant.

I think the course is structured really well. Using a vast pool of knowledge through history to gain sense and idea that people have struggled with the same ideas and concepts that we are doing today.

Has been an amazing experience. Groups learning with such a simple structure on challenging topics was fantastic.

I had the best tutor who had so much knowledge. It was unbelievable and such an inspiration to all!

Our instructor encourages students to engage thoughtfully and mindfully with the material presented. She presents the philosophy course with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. She is a GREAT listener and provides a safe environment for discourse.

Very impressed with how all presenters handled the questioning and feedback. No one person was ever allowed to dominate.

My tutor was great. He made the course interesting and enjoyable. I am looking forward to next term.

It's a beautiful environment, with wonderful people, great conversation and the courses have given me practices that I can easily apply to help improve my way of life.

I really like the way the material is shared and the discussions and debates in the class.

I've gotten so much out of the school which I am extremely grateful for. Words don't seem to do it justice.

Keep up the wonderful work, special thanks to the volunteers and for providing wholesome refreshments.