Life is a journey. When one travels by night from one place to another one comes across lampposts on the road. When light from one lamp ends the other shows at a distance, but there remains a patch of darkness between them. Similarly on the journey of life one needs energy, light and knowledge, but due to many engagements and activities one can forget the source of energy and feel tired. In the stormy involvement of rajas it is necessary to keep the memory of the source of all energies which powers the universe. When you remember, the energy becomes available again. Help is readily available from that universal source to meet all occasions and is acquired from that and stored through the act of being still. All one needs is to pause for a minute and remind oneself of that life-giving source energy. The act of reminding oneself of the mantra should help to relieve tension and tiredness and make one fresh – Sri Shantanand Saraswati