The School of Philosophy is affliated with schools following the same teaching across the globe. And now we can also offer the Introduction to Practical Philosophy and further courses via Practical Philosophy Online.

This isn’t a text-based chat-room, but an enjoyable, interactive format which allows the entire class to be heard and seen via the internet. The introductory series of 10 sessions is offered three times a year: In January, April and September. The online course, at one hour per week covers the first five weeks of the traditional two-hour classroom syllabus.

Whether you’ve been a student at a School before or would like to learn about Practical Philosophy for the first time there are time-zones that will suit you. At present students attend the online classes from several continents (North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe) and time-zones from Pacific (GMT-8) to Eastern Europe (GMT+2) to Australia (GMT+10).


The Introductory Course is a ten-session course designed to encourage students to regain their natural sense of wonder, gaining greater access to their inner happiness, wisdom and strength.

It is not an academic survey of great philosophical ideas as one might find in a university. Rather it is an introduction to a series of proven principles that enable students to attain greater self-knowledge and better their lives through reasonable, compassionate living. The proof of Practical Philosophy’s effectiveness is found in personal experience.


a) You need to have a broadband (i.e., cable or DSL high-speed) internet connection with a minimum of  512 kbps upstream, 4 mbps downstream.  You can test your connection here:
b) A decent quality headset  is preferred but built in speakers and a built-in microphone or webcam-microphone will work just fine.
c) Your computer must be relatively new (less than 5 years). Windows users must be Vista or higher (Windows 7 or higher recommended).  Mac users must be at OSX 10.8 or higher. iPads and iPhones at IOS 6 or higher are now supported but are not recommended when a Mac or PC are available.  Android (4.4 and greater) devices are now supported.
d) You will need a webcam or built-in webcam.
Here is a link to some recommended equipment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to


Practical Philosophy continues after the Introductory Course with classes that advance and guide students to open their awareness more fully and connect more deeply within themselves.

Following the first 5 terms and the introduction to meditation, the School’s philosophy curriculum expands. Emphasis is placed on a variety of areas including the refinement of meditation. Students have the opportunity to meet one on one with another student who is well practiced in meditation to discuss questions or difficulties that the practice brings to light.