In February 2017, the School’s doors will have been open for 50 years.

This is a remarkable achievement for a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation working in this sector. For fifty years, we have been running courses, seminars, workshops and retreats for anyone who wants to find freedom, self-reliance and purpose in their life and work.

Over the course of these five decades, we’ve seen the ideas and teachings that we quietly pioneered in Australia become the mainstay for a booming wellness-mindfulness-industry. An industry which continues to flourish! We’ve seen the business world start to look for deeper purpose in what they do and how they do it. We’ve seen a generation of people rise who are looking for more than productivity and profit in their work.

And we’ve seen meditation become a part of mainstream culture. When we first offered meditation here in Australia, the very practice was viewed with uncertainty and suspicion. Today, the School continues to offer training and support in the same authentic meditation practice it first offered fifty years ago. It is simple, direct and easy to practice in the confines of modern life.

We’ll be celebrating this landmark achievement all year. Therefore we will be starting with the offer of free places in the Mindful Wisdom course in Term 2, 2017. There will be around thirty hours of inspired conversation over 12 weeks, for a $10.00 booking fee. The door is wide open, but we can only accommodate 300 participants. For more information about the courses, click here.


Furthermore, throughout the year we’ll be offering talks, a stillness day, open door programs in our city rooms and even a garden party at the School’s heritage-listed Art Deco property in Wahroonga. There will also be meditation retreats at our property in Mt Wilson.

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